10 janeiro 2019


Hello people, how are you?

Well, I was invited by the LUVYLE store to show my followers about the store and what they sell there. I confess to you that when I entered the site, I was shocked by how many beautiful clothes there are. And of course good tip is shared hint with you. Not to mention people, the price is great. In other words, you will be able to enjoy the store because it has incredible clothes and still to take advantage of the great price to be there. It has clothes for all tastes, wonderful styles ... I assure you that it is a complete one. Ah, I was forgetting to tell you, that there are shoes there too. Anyway ... this is it people, I have separated for you two links with different categories for you to access and to go shopping !

24 outubro 2018


Hi everyone, how are you? I'm fine thank God.

In today's post we will talk about blouses that you always wanted to have in your wardrobe and with this website that I will present to you, you will go out there parading in that blouse that you saw on the site and always wanted to buy.Well, I was invited by the FASHIONMIA virtual store to present some clothes that you have in the store. And of course I've had a look at the site and each one has more beautiful than the other. As a good fashion blogger, I'll show you my options in the women's winter outerwear category. I really love buying cold sweaters, which besides being beautiful, are super stylish. The site also has several wonderful women's sweaters. Oh guys, not to mention the price of the pieces, they are super, really count!Because who does not like to buy these super stylish sweaters, for a great price?! And believe me, there's a blouse for all styles.And these sweaters are always good to use also in the middle season. And not to mention that it can produce several super cool looks with them. I really like wearing these blouses, with jeans and white sneakers. They also super match with skirt and boot or sneaker. And the colors are beautiful. I lately, I'm loving cold blouses of the yellow color, I think it leaves super chic hahaha.So, I've separated for you the pieces that caught my attention ... I hope I have helped you at least a little bit to find the shirt that you wanted so much. And of course, I also gave that tip top of the price that this wonderful store offers us. I really hope you like it! I already want to thank the company for the invitation, I loved to show a little of you to my readers. Let's take a look ?! Comment on your choice

16 outubro 2018


Hi people, how are you ?Well, I was invited by the online store MILLYBRIDAL, to show you the most incredible dresses of life.

End of the year coming and who will form, already beats that super worry where the how to buy that Ball Gown Prom Dresses to get raging at the party. I can assure you that this online store has the best Mermaid Prom Dresses in the world, seriously.Let's combine, no one wants to choose a dress that when looking at the pictures in the future, will hate to buy a model as strange as that. For this not to happen, we have to research well, what model and color do we want, if the quality of the dress is worth even investing. Because it's no use, you buy a super cheap dress, hyper cheap (just because it's cheap and do not want to spend too much on it), and the dress does not last anything, because it is of poor quality, bad cloth ... As my Grandpa, the cheap comes out super expensive, does not it ?!So to help you, my readers beautiful, to choose your ideal graduation dress, I separated 8 models (it was difficult to choose the most beautiful, but alright rs), for you who, like me (sometimes), are super hesitant in these special occasions when choosing clothes. Do not forget to pass on this post to your friends who will also graduate and are super undecided. So stop talking and let's check out my chosen dresses. Let's go people 

01 outubro 2018

Online store: BerryLook ♡

Hi guys, how are you?

Well, I was invited by the BerryLook online store to introduce my store to my readers. I loved the store so much, not to mention that the prices are super wonderful. So if you love stores too much online and at a great price, you can not miss this wonderful shop and go shopping. Of course, tell your friends about this top site.
Anyway ... I separated for you two categories super fashion to leave you with taste of want more. Let's check it out Let's go people 

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