12 janeiro 2018


Hi guys all right ? Well, today I was invited by the store: Milly Bridal, to show you about graduation dresses, bridesmaid dresses and wedding dresses. Everyone knows that the end and the beginning of every year has super special parties. It is graduation, marriage among others ... And we are always in search of dresses for these super special occasions. Even because this date that we are going to experience, we will live only one special day that will be kept forever. So in Milly Brindal, there is every dress, one more beautiful than the other. Oh, also I could not forget to mention here for you, that they work in Plus Size dresses, and the models of the dresses are too beautiful. But I separated for you with all the affection of the world, only some (because if I were to put everything, the post would be huge of so great) than I liked it there. It's worth it because it has dresses for all tastes. You think of a dress, it can be the style it is, the color, the type of cloth, even the type of clothing it is. You can look on the website, you will find dresses of your dreams out there. And I can not fail to mention the price is super fair, because we know that party dresses with lace or pedraria are super expensive, cost a fortune. So the price of these I think are super worth it. So if you are looking for a special dress with quality, you can enter the site and choose yours, because there, I assure you that you will find that dress of dreams. Enough talk, right? Because I already told you in this post and we'll check which ones were my chosen ones? Ah, remembering that everything will be linked! Let's go people 

4 comentários:

  1. Gamei demais no vestido azul esverdeado (o primeiro) e o azul marinho plus size. Só coisa linda nessa loja! Queria ter lugar pra usar, aí poderia ter a desculpa de comprar um, rs.


    1. Estão lindos demais né ?!
      Eu também queria hahahaha
      Beijoooos, Gabys ♥

  2. Que vestidos mais lindos, adorei demais as opções! Beijos


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