27 fevereiro 2019


Hi guys, how are you?

Well, today I was invited by Popreal online store, to show you the children's clothes that are the cutest thing, that they sell there.

Everyone knows that children's themed clothing is very difficult to find. At least here in my town is very complicated to find. Or you have to order or order in another city. Then it gets really complicated because in the cas, you would have to go to the city because most of the stores do not sell online. Anyway ... The year begins and with it also begins to happen the birthday celebrations. And nowadays most of the children's parties are being themed and very chic. And of course I could not leave my mommy readers without wonderful tips.

 In the online store you find many beautiful and cute things. And not to mention that I was super shocked at the incredible price they offer, super loved it! Besides the child being all beautiful in the party, we will not spend almost anything ...

Well, I separated some models to leave you with that will to buy ... Let's check?!

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